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Blue Angelfish

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Blue Angelfish

Blue Angelfish is a domestically bred variety of Angelfish, Pterophyllum Scalare, found in South America. This strain of Angelfish was bred to have hues of blue on its body.

Care Guide for Angelfish

Angelfish are graceful cichlids and one of the most popular aquarium fish in the hobby. In the wild, they are widely distributed in the Amazon basin, from Peru to the mouth of the Amazon River at Belem. They are great beginner fish and do well in community aquariums. They are undemanding but, like most cichlids, they are social fish and should be kept in groups. 

Max Size:   5 - 6 inches
Water:   75 - 84 F; pH 6.0 - 7.5
Difficulty:   Easy
Living Zone:   Middle
Temperament:   Peaceful and Social

They should be housed in medium (20 gal+) to large size aquariums. Aquariums with live aquarium plants and driftwood will mimic the Angelfish natural habitat and make them feel at home. Angelfish will readily accept all kinds of foods and should be fed a variety of them, including flakes, pellets, and granules.

If provided with good conditions, Angelfish will breed easily, laying their eggs on a vertical surface such as glass, leaves of aquarium plants like sword plants, driftwood, or even slate rock. Their breeding behavior is truly captivating. The females can lay up to 1,000 eggs. The pair are good parents and will guard the eggs as well as the fry.

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