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Ceramic CO2 Diffuser (44mm)

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This Ceramic CO2 Diffuser enhances the contact time between carbon dioxide and your aquariums water, ensuring effective CO2 supplementation. Its ultra-slim design allows it to be installed at the bottom of your aquarium, increasing the diffusion rate.

Specialized ceramic is used to ensure proper diffusion regardless of CO2 flow rate, is very easily cleaned, and simple to replace. Plus, the replaceable ceramic prevents clogging, so it is never an issue! Long-lasting silicon suction cups are provided to keep the diffuser firmly in place. 1.75" dia. x 1.5" H.

  • Enhances contact time between CO2 and water
  • Helps to ensure effective CO2 supplementation
  • Slim design for optimal installation and diffusing
  • Ceramic material assures delicate diffusing rate
  • Replaceable ceramic design prevents clogging

Well suited for aquariums between 55-300 gallons.