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Eheim compactON Aquarium Pump

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The EHEIM compactON aquarium pump sports a compact design and is a very reliable and versatile aquarium water pump.  The EHEIM compactON 2100, 3000 and 5000 can also be modified for the use outside of the water. Thanks to the high quality material it is also possible to use them without problems in marine water. For even more flexibility, the flow rate is adjustable for all models, except for the EHEIM compactON 5000. These pumps are fastened with robust suction cups, safely securing them to your surface. Thanks to their high quality make, compactON pumps run quiet and function equally well in both fresh and marine waters. Eheim compactON pumps include an accessory bag, with additions such as a suction basket and threaded coupling for even more versatility.

Pump Model Power/Flow Rate Hose Size
compactON - 300 7W/45 - 79 gph 1/2"
compactON - 600 7W/66 - 159 gph 1/2"
compactON - 1000 15W/106 - 264 gph 5/8"
compactON - 2100 38W/370 - 555 gph 3/4"
compactON - 3000 55W/476 - 793 gph 1"
compactON - 5000 70W/1321 gph 1"