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Eheim Universal Aquarium Water Pump

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Eheim Universal Hobby Pumps feature outstanding continuous operation characteristics. Universal pumps are designed for use in/under water as well as for powerful use externally. All universal pumps have a hermetically sealed motor body. The integrated pre-filter prevents objects from entering the impeller and ensures long performance. The inlet connector is designed for secure hose connection. The supplied assembly plate enables different assembly options.

Pump Model Power/Aquarium Size Hose Sizes
300/1046 5W/Up to 79 Gallons

Intake 3/8"

Pressure 1/8"

600/1048 10W/Up to 159 Gallons

Intake 3/8"

Pressure 1/4"

1200/1250 28W/Up to 317 Gallons

Intake 1/2"

Pressure 3/8"

2400/1260 65W/Up to 635 Gallons

Intake 3/4"

Pressure 3/4"

3400/1262 80W/Up to 900 Gallons

Intake 3/4"

Pressure 3/4"