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Haplochromis Livingstonii Cichlid

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Haplochromis Livingstonii Cichlid

Haplochromis Livingstoni, also known as Nimbochromis livingstonii, is a freshwater mouthbrooding cichlid found in Lake Malawi in Africa. It is exceptionally marked with the brown body patches on a light-colored body, coupled with the red tinge of the anal fin present on the males of this species.

Care Guide for H. Livingstonii

Livingstonii is found only in Lake Malawi where it is widely distributed throughout the lake. In nature, Livingstonii has an unusual habit of lying on its side on the bottom for long periods, feigning death. It is believed that this behavior prompts other fish to come closer and investigate the "corpse," allowing Livingstonii to seize the unsuspecting prey.

Max Size:   8 inches
Water:   73 - 80 F; pH 7.2 - 8.5
Difficulty:   Easy
Living Zone:   Bottom & Middle
Temperament:   Semi-aggressive

The ideal tank for Nimbochromis livingstonii would mimick their natural habitat, including rocks, caves, rocky crevices and sandy bottom. The tank should be well lit, with good water movement and filtration. The fish will accept a variety of foods, including flakes and pellets

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