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Kessil A160WE Tuna Sun Freshwater LED Light

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This state of the art freshwater aquarium light can be tuned and controlled 2 different ways:

1 - manually, using turn knobs

2 - using Spectral Controller X (purchased separately)

Buying more than one light?

Kessil lights can be controlled individually or multiple lights can be connected together (sold separately) and controlled all at once.

Superior Illumination:

Beautiful, unrivaled shimmer replicates natural sunlight.

Patented Dense Matrix LED technology concentrates multiple LED chips into a single array, creating a powerful and penetrating light source with wide coverage. The average penetration of A160WE is 30" from the water surface for most plants. Penetration can be further enhanced by positioning multiple units in close proximity to each other.

Different wavelengths are seamlessly blended within a single LED array, emitting uniform color across the coverage range of about 24" by 24".


A160WE Tuna Sun Specifications:


4" x 2.48" (H x D)

Unit Weight

0.69 lb / 0.32kg


6,000K to 9,000K


Up to 24" x 24" surface diameter

Power Supply

100-240V AC (input)
19-24V DC (output)

Power Consumption



What's in the box:

1x A160WE Unit

1x DC Power Supply

2x Gold Metal Hook

2x Hanging Bracket

1x A160/80 bracket

Refer to one of the videos below for the difference between Gooseneck Mount versus Mounting Arm (sold by us).

Gooseneck Mount:

Mounting Arm:

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