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Kordon Ich Attack - 16 fl oz

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Kordon Ich Attack is an easy to use treatment composed of 100% organic ingredients for al types of external and epidermal single-celled infections. It stops infections and external parasitic invasions and prevents many secondary infections. Ich Attack treats diseases caused by: Ich, Fungus, Protozoans, and Dinoflagellates. It will not harm eggs, plants, or reef aquariums and is safe for sensitive or scaleless fish such as loaches, catfish, and fry. This product is safe for freshwater, brackish, and saltwater applications. Treats up to 960 gallons.

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    Saved my bigger fish

    Posted by Anne Simmons on 8 Dec 2022

    It took me too long to figure out that one of my tanks had ich. By the time I did, some of my fish were really sick. Ich attack saved some of the larger fish, including three gourami and two Glo-Fish tetras. Unfortunately, it didn't help my poor rasporas at all. I lost around 10 fish. Finally the Ich Attack seems to have the tank cleared out. After a good cleaning it should be safe for new inhabitants.