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Kribensis Cichlid

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Kribensis Cichlid

Kribensis Cichlid, also known as Pelvicachromis pulcher or simply Krib, is perhaps the most popular African cichlid in the hobby. It is a colorful fish with yellowish, reddish to pinkish accents on a ligh-colored body with a horizontal black stripe running the length of its body. The female, especially when breeding, will develop a rounded belly and exhibit a particularly striking reddish/pinkish belly patch. 

Care Guide for Kribensis

Kribensis Cichlid occurs in forested small streams and rivers in Nigeria. They are peaceful toward other species but can be somewhat territorial - or protective - during breeding time. They are easy and good beginner cichlids. Their small size makes them ideal cichlids for small aquariums, housing other small and peaceful fish such as tetras, rasboras, barbs or even guppies.

Max Size:   4 inches
Water:   75 - 80 F; pH 7 - 8
Difficulty:   Easy
Living Zone:   Bottom & Middle
Temperament:   Peaceful

Kribensis Cichlid would do well in well-planted aquariums with lots of hiding places like, rocks, caves and driftwood. Good filtration and good water quality are recommended. The fish will lay eggs on the roof of a cave. Both parents guard the eggs and newly hatched fry. 

The fish will accept a variety of foods, including flakes and pellets

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