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New Fish Quarantine Medication Treatment

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Our New Fish Quarantine Medication Treatment consists of three medications that are safe to use together and are effective in treating broad range of fish ailments and diseases, including bacterial infections, fungal growths as well parasitic fish disease.  When used in combination and as recommended, this medication trio takes the guesswork out of your decision and allows you to provide simple but powerfull and effective treatement to your fish.  In fact, this trio of medications is not only great for newly bought or acquired fish as preventative and quarantine treatment, but also works great for fish diseases that you are unable or have difficulties in diagnosing.  

Our New Fish Quarantine Treatment consists of the following three fish medications: API E.M. Erythromycin Fish Medication, API General Cure Fish Medication and Kordon Rid-Ich Plus - 16 fl oz.  

And, what's more, when you buy these three medications as part of the New Fish Quarantine Treatment, you will save 10%.