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Panda Corydoras

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Panda Cory

Panda Cory belongs to the Callichthyidae family of fish. It is a beautifully colored small and peaceful cory. Its body is almost pinkish with three distinct black blotches located on the top of the head through the eye, dorsal fin, and caudal peduncle.   

Care Guide for Panda Cory

Panda Corydoras is a small and peaceful shoaler. It needs to be kept in a group and looks particularly impressive in large groups. Keeping this cory in groups will make it feel more secure and allow it to display its natural behavior. This fish is almost constantly foraging for food and will provide countless hours of entertainment.

Max Size:   1 - 2 inches
Water:   72 - 80 F; pH 6 - 7.5
Difficulty:   Easy
Living Zone:   Bottom
Temperament:   Peaceful and Social

Panda cory will accept a wide range of foods, particularly bottom dweller foods that sink to the bottom, including pellets. Ideal aquarium conditions would include plants with wide open swimming spaces. Water chemistry is not critical and the fish will do very well in most aquariums.

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