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Seachem Flourish Advance Plant Supplement

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Flourish Advance by Seachem is a natural phytohormone supplement for planted aquariums, with minerals and nutrients necessary to regulate and enhance plant growth. This growth enhancer boosts mineral absorption allowing your plants to battle harsher diseases and dramatically stimulate the growth of roots and shoots. Flourish Advance should be used regularly for excellent results. Root growth begins growing after 10-14 days with steady use, where leaves and stems of plants will significantly begin to grow.

Reviews (2)

  • 5
    Good stuff

    Posted by Jason Poole on 23 Nov 2021

    Saw a really good video on the benefits this has on root development - 4 days in I was seeing positive response in all my tanks ..need to get a larger volume package !

  • 5
    Flourish Advance

    Posted by Tommy Souren on 16 Jan 2021

    Started using Advance when I added Anacharis to the tank and found the Excel will ectually cause it to melt. It works extremely well, exactly as described on the label. New stem plants start out with developing a good root base, then after that the growth is fantastic.