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Snail Zap - 1 fl oz

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Seapora Snail Zap eliminates nuisance snails in freshwater aquariums. Remove any activated carbon from your filter, add 1 drop of Snail Zap for every gallon of aquarium water. When the snails drop to the bottom (or after a period of three days), do a thorough gravel cleaning and 10-25% water change. Replace the activated carbon filter upon completion of treatment. Repeat as necessary. Will not harm fish, plants, or biological filter.

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    Snail Zap

    Posted by Michele Eddy on 5 Aug 2021

    I received the Snail Zap promptly, and I treated my 55-gallon a few days later. I have been battling snails for years with snail traps, water changes, and assassin snails. I wanted them gone, permanently. I followed the directions and saw no snails after two days. My fish was unharmed. I did a 25 percent water change, replaced the activated charcoal, and enjoyed my snail-free tank for two days. The buggers are persistent. I saw two snails this morning. Eggs or snails were likely remaining on the charcoal bag or upper rim of the tank. But, the majority of them are gone, and I'm pleased. Thank you. I will treat the tank again, as needed.