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Tropical Malawi Cichlid Fish Flakes

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Tropical Malawi Flakes are a specialized vegetable-based flake food designed specifically for Malawi and other omnivorous and herbivorous cichlids. Malawi Slowly Sinking Chips are created by Tropical from a balanced set of vitamins and nutrients derived from algae, wheat germ, and green pea among other ingredients. This formula is packed with easily digested vegetable protein, valuable unsaturated fatty acids, immune system stimulants, natural color enhancing materials, and L-carnitine, which facilitates fat metabolism and limits the risk of fatty degeneration in fish. Tropical's special formulation ensures that these flakes do not dissolve in or cloud up water, reducing risks typically caused by leftover foods. Daily feeding with Malawi Flakes helps you keep healthy, bright, active, and happy Malawi cichlids.

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    Posted by Kevin Judd on 10 Mar 2021

    My Mbuna's love this food. They act like they have never eaten before!