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Wild Discus Heckel

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Wild Discus (Regular) Heckel

Wild Discus Heckel is sports unique vertical bands, oftentimes displaying black or nearly black large vertical band midbody, through the eye, and at the tail base.  These bands are also called the Heckle bands and contrast beautifully against light blue striations traversing horizontally across its body. In some specimens, the lighter brown background color is replaced with red. The Heckel Discus is found in the Rio Negro, a blackwater tributary that flows into the Amazon River near Manaus.

Wild Discus (Regular) Heckel can be purchased in two sizes (subject to availability):

  • Large (5" - 6")
  • X-Large (7" - 8")

Care & Maintenance

A discus fish is a cichlid and belongs to a large family, Cichlidae, of many different fishes such as angelfish or dwarf cichlids. They are found on only one continent, South America. Specifically, they inhabit the blackwater rainforest tributaries of the Amazon River. There, they swim near the shorelines where the water is slow-moving and hide among tangled roots and branches for safety from predators. They are social fish and should be kept in groups of at least six individuals and once their pecking order is established, they will live in harmony and coexist peacefully with other fish. They can be kept in a wide range of aquarium conditions as long as they are provided with clean water, stable conditions, and a proper diet.

Max Size:   12 inches
Water:   82 - 88 F; pH 6.0 - 8.0
Difficulty:   Moderate
Living Zone:   Bottom/Middle
Temperament:   Peaceful and Social

Discus fish are widely admired in the aquarium hobby for their beauty and intelligence. Their colors and patterns make them one of the most beautiful species available in the bobby. They are the "personality" fish and will often interact with their keepers. Their spawning behavior and the care they show for their young are equally fascinating.

Discus fish can be kept with many other peacuful fish, including tetras, dwarf cichlids, corydoras catfish, plecos and many other.

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