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Zebra Pleco L046 (1-2")

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Zebra Pleco L46

Zebra Pleco, also known by its scientific name as Zebra Peckoltia, belongs to the family Loricariidae. This beautiful pleco lives upriver of the Altamira on the Xingu River in Brazil. This is one of the most beautiful plecos available in the hobby. The Zebra Pleco's body is spectacularly patterned in black and white (as its name suggests). It is considered by many, rightfully so, as the crown jewel of plecos in the hobby.

Care Guide for Zebra Pleco

Zebra Pleco is peaceful and suitable to inhabit aquariums with most fish. This fish is herbivorous but also eats other types of foods. It will accept a wide range of sinking foods available online and in aquarium retail stores, including pellets, flakes, or wafers

Max Size:   4 - 5 inches
Water:   72 - 82 F; pH 6 - 7.5
Difficulty:   Expert
Living Zone:   Bottom
Temperament:   Peaceful

These medium-sized plecos do not require large aquariums. They will appreciate well-planted aquariums with lots of hiding places provided coconut cavesdriftwood, or rocks. Water chemistry is not critical, but the fish generally prefers softish water, and the fish will adapt to a wide range of water conditions. 

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