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About Us

Modern Aquarium was started by two brothers who are aquarium hobbyists. They were inspired to turn their life-long passion for aquatic plants and aquascaping into their own business. Now, they help other aquarium enthusiasts design their own stunning underwater gardens and keep beautiful and thriving aquariums. While Modern Aquarium offers everything you may need to get your aquarium started and keep it healthy over the long term, our true passions are nature aquariums and live aquarium plants. Read on to learn more about what we offer and what sets us apart from others!

Superior Products

At Modern Aquarium, we strive to guarantee the health and beauty of every single live plant we sell. Everything we stock is visually inspected and the plant nursery grow out tanks are cleaned regularly to ensure all our live plants are happy and pest-free. We take pride in the quality of our products. Our company is excited to share with you everything we’ve learned about aquarium maintenance.

To make sure you can see exactly what you’re buying, we provide high-quality images of every single specimen. We are always updating our photo gallery with the most recent pictures of each plant.

We Love Aquariums Too!

Everyone on our team cares about live aquarium plants and proper aquarium maintenance. That means we provide more than just premium products, we also offer plenty of advice and guidance for other aquarium hobbyists. Whether you’re a novice just building your collection or an old pro that’s encountering some unique problems, our blog, as well as our customer service representatives, are great resources for everyone who visits our store.

Better Shipping

At Modern Aquarium, we pay special attention to shipping our live plants. Our nursery is even certified to ship internationally and meets the Florida statutes regarding plant inspections, quarantines, and domestic state plant protection. Some states in the contiguous US do not allow certain plants to enter their borders, so make sure you read the product descriptions carefully before buying.

Plus, anyone who buys from our store gets fast shipping at an amazing price. We even offer free shipping on orders of $79.99 or more! You can learn more about our shipping policies when you visit the Shipping FAQ page.

Shopping with Modern Aquarium

No matter what you’re looking for, Modern Aquarium is happy to provide you with the best quality products. From premium botanicals and a variety of plant fertilizers to comprehensive fish care and medicine products and top quality water filtration systems, you can find it all at our store today!

If you want to speak to a representative before making a purchase, feel free to reach out to our team at any time. Build a better collection and create the most unique aquascapes when you shop in our store now!