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How quickly do products ship?

Most items are shipped out the next day if orders are placed by 10 am Eastern Time. We do not ship out live plant orders between Friday and Sunday. For more information about shipping, read on here.

What is your return policy?

If you decide you want to return or exchange an item, you have 30 days from the moment it was delivered to you to contact us. All items must be in their original packaging — unused and undamaged. The following cannot be returned or exchanged:

  • Live Aquarium Plants
  • 3D Backgrounds
  • Driftwood
  • Gift Certificates
  • Items that are not in their original condition (including ripped manufacturer packaging when applicable)
  • Aquarium Lights
  • Livestock (e.g. fish, snails, etc)

Learn how to complete a return or exchange when you read our returns FAQ.

Do you have fish accessories?

While Modern Aquarium doesn’t sell live fish, we do stock fish food and fish medications. You’ll find medications for the following ailments:

We also carry food for a huge variety of fish. Find fish food for everything from Betta fish and shrimp to bottom feeders and guppies.


Do your plants have snails?

While we do our best to keep our plants clean and healthy, there is always a possibility that snails may be present. Snails are a natural - and often desirable - part of an aquatic environment and are nearly impossible to avoid. You can reduce the likelihood of adding snails to your aquarium by gently running the water over the plant’s leaves before placing them in the tank.

How do I prepare plants for my tank?

Depending on what “form” your plant takes, there are slightly different preparation procedures. Our plants come in several different forms including:

If your plant arrives attached to driftwood or rocks, all you will need to do is to simply place it in your tank. No additional preparation is necessary. With regards to potted plants, you may want to (but do not have to) remove them from the pot and peel off the protective wool from their roots. If the roots are long, you may trim them as that will make the planting easier and stimulate the new root growth. Afterward, just plant them in substrate and watch them grow. Bunched plants do not require much preparation but you should separate individual stems and plant them separately in the tank.

How do I feed my plants?

Aquarium plants need both micro- and macronutrients to survive and thrive. Making sure their water is full of the nutrients they need is crucial. From calcium, hydrogen, and carbon to iron, zinc, and manganese, your tank water needs to have very specific levels of each nourishing element. For more information, please read our blog, Part I and Part II, discussing in detail live aquarium plant feeding.

What temperature water do plants need?

Plants, like most aquarium fish, thrive in varied water conditions. However, if you are looking for information on a specific plant, detailed descriptions and plant care instructions for each plant can be found on their individual product pages. We advise that you read the individual descriptions before purchasing your plants.

How much light do plants need?

Plants need light to thrive. Most plants will do well under most lights available for sale at Modern Aquarium. Some plants may require more intense lighting, however. To help you keep your plants happy and healthy, we include care instructions on every product page. If you have questions about a specific plant, reach out to us for additional assistance.

Aquatic Snails

How should I acclimate my snails after their arrival?

As soon as your shipment arrives, open the bag of snails.  Allow them to remain in the bag for at least 30 minutes so that they reach room temperature. They DO NOT need to be submerged immediately in the water. Make sure that the water in your tank is properly conditioned as snails are highly sensitive to chloramines and other metals often found in tap water.  Lastly, gently placed them on the bottom of your aquarium.

How do I know whether my snails are doing well if they remain in their shells?  

It not unusual for the snails to remain in their shells for the first 2 or 3 days. If you suspect that a snail is dead, gently pry against the hard flap at the shell opening wit a pencil.  If you feel resistance or the flap is tightly closed, the snail is alive.  A dead snail will hang limply out of its shell and has a foul odor. If a snail is floating on the surface, it is NOT dead. It has a gas bubble trapped under the shell which will escape in a day or two.