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Albino Algae Eater

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Albino Algae Eater

Albino Algae Eater is a great beginner fish and even better at grazing on algae. The fish has a long and narrow body in hues of light yellow.     

Albino Algae Eater Care Guide

In the wild, these Algae Eaters are widely distributed in Southeast Asia, including Thailand and Malaysia. They are found in small rivers and streams with lots of plants. They belong to the Cyprinidae family. They are very popular aquarium fish as they are peaceful, easy to care for, help control algae in the aquarium, and are very active throughout the day, providing a constant source of entertainment. They are social fish and should be kept in groups.

Max Size:   7 inches
Water:   70 - 82 F; pH 6 - 8
Difficulty:   Easy
Living Zone:   Bottom and Middle
Temperament:   Peaceful and Social

The ideal aquarium for Albino Algae Eater would recreate parts of their natural habitat and include live aquarium plants, driftwood, and provide open space for them to swim. However, while the plants will make them feel more at home, they have no special requirements or difficulty adjusting to most aquarium conditions. They will accept all types of fish foods, including flakes and pellets. And they are especially good at grazing on algae, keeping the aquarium plants and decorations clean.

Albino Algae Eaters are great for planted or community fish tanks and can be kept with other peaceful fish, including tetras, guppies, plecos, cory catfish, angelfish, and more.

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