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Electric Blue Ram Dwarf Cichlid

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Electric Blue German Ram

Electric Blue German Ram is a variant of its better know cousin German Ram, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi. It is a unique fish and only recently made its splashy entrance into the hobby. This small dwarf cichlid's body is irridescent blue. The unique coloration and interesting behavior this fish exhibits are guaranteed to make this fish a well worthy addition to your aquarium.

Care Guide for Electric Blue Ram

Electric Blue German Ram are dwarf cichlids and belong to the genius Mikrogeophagus in the family of Cichlidae. They are variant of the German Ram found in the Orinoco River basin in Venezuela as well as in Colombia. In nature, these fish generally inhabit slow-moving waters and areas where they can find cover from predators among plants, tree roots, and branches. They can be kept in a wide range of aquarium conditions and are particularly suited for community tanks because of their small size and peaceful temperament.

Max Size:   2.5 inches
Water:   78 - 85 F; pH 5.5 - 7.5
Difficulty:   Moderate
Living Zone:   Bottom/Middle
Temperament:   Peaceful

In aquariums, Electric Blue German Ram will appreciate aquascape that includes live aquarium plants, decorations, driftwood, and rocks. These aquascape features will provide shelter and make the fish feel safe. Once they feel happy, Electric Blue German Ram will readily spawn. They will lay eggs on a precleaned site (e.g. stone) or in a depression in the substrate. Electric Blue German Ram are good parents and will take care of their fry, shooing away any potential intruders from the immediate area where they fry are. 

Electric Blue German Ram can be kept with many other peaceful fishes, including discus, tetras, other dwarf cichlids, corydoras catfish, plecos, and many other community fish. They will readily accept a variety of foods, including flakes, pellets, freeze-dried and frozen foods.

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