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Finnex Glass HPC Heater with Out Of Water + Temp Sensor

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HPC Series Heater Overview:

- 2mm Quartz Glass

- High Temp Resistant Guard

- Out Of Tank Control Pad

- Temperature Saving Memory protection

- Temperature Steady Low Variance Technology

This best-in-class glass heater uses advanced processor that monitors and controls water temperature in your tank. The heater receives temperature data from its remote sensor in the aquarium. The remote sensor will not corrode or wear out as it does NOT contain bi-metallic contacts that traditional heaters do. This allows HPC heater to have precise control, keeping water temperature stable without any swings common with low-quality heaters.

The built-in display lets users know the current temperature, allowing you to easily make temperature adjustments with the help of a control button located on the power cord!

The remote sensor also acts as an automatic power cut-off swicth. If the water level drops too low and exposes the temperature sensor to the air, power to the heater tube will be cut off. 

HPC comes with a protective Heater Guard, preventing your precious fish and other inhabitants from accidentally coming in contact with the heating tube.

Power Maximum Aquarium Size Heater Length
100 W Up to 40 Gallons 10.25"
200 W Up to 80 Gallons 12"
300 W Up to 120 Gallons 13.75"