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Amazon Sword (Echinodorus sp) - Potted

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Amazon Sword (Echinodorus sp) | Potted

Amazon Sword (Echinodorus sp) originates from South America. It’s one of the most common and popular live aquarium plants in the hobby. The popularity of Amazon Sword plants in aquariums can be attributed to their beauty, adaptability, and ease of husbandry.

Amazon Sword will produce dense and large green leaves, providing a beautiful background for your aquascape and making it an ideal plant to be used as a focal point in your aquarium. This plant can also be used to "hide" aquarium equipment such as heaters, filter intakes, and more.

Care & Maintenance for Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword plants in aquariums are not demanding, and they don’t require high lighting. They can be kept in a wide range of aquarium conditions to accommodate most of your tank inhabitants needs.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 68-82°F
  • Tank Placement: Background

You can plant an Amazon Sword in gravel. No specialized soil is required although it will do much better in a loosely packed substrate. Keep in mind that the roots of this plant can grow to be very large, extending deep and wide in the tank, allowing it to effectively absorb nutrients produced by fish waste. If any of your other plants need room to spread out, you might want to plant them farther apart. Amazon Sword plants will propagate readily in aquariums by spreading runners.

Amazon Sword is also available as bare-root plants.

Plants at Modern Aquarium

At Modern Aquarium, we strive to bring you healthy, beautiful specimens in every order. While the photos on our website are just examples of what you will receive, we do examine each plant in person before shipping it to you. If you have any questions about what to expect from your order, how to plant your new specimen, or the best starter plants for your tank, reach out to us any time!

Reviews (5)

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    Amazon Sword-Potted
    Posted by Cheryl Hood on 3 Aug 2022

    I am very happy with the quality of my plants. They arrived quickly and in good condition. They look great in my aquarium.

  • 5
    Healthy Plants
    Posted by Fredrick on 1 Aug 2022

    Big, strong plant. It looks amazing and very healthy and clean. I love it!

  • 5
    Posted by Robyn Stetsko on 10 Dec 2021

    Seriously beautiful specimens. Very happy to have ordered from here and will again!

  • 5
    Posted by Steven Napier on 16 Sep 2020

    Cant get enough of these plants

  • 5
    Posted by Faber Miller on 16 Jun 2020

    Healthy and fresh with great packaging