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Blackwood S2

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Blackwood Wood | S2

Blackwood is driftwood that resembles in appearance bogwood found in swamps, bogs, or rivers. Blackwood typically has a weathered and gnarled appearance with irregular shapes, knots, and cracks, which can create interesting and natural-looking underwater landscapes. Blackwood’s extended submersion in water gives it unique characteristics and dark, nearly or completely black, coloration. Blackwood is often sought after by aquarium enthusiasts for its aesthetic appeal and the benefits it can provide to aquariums.

Incorporating Blackwood in the Aquarium

One of the primary reasons to use blackwood in aquariums is for its aesthetic appeal. The dark color and unique shapes of bog wood create a visually interesting and natural-looking environment in the tank. It is especially popular in biotope aquariums, where enthusiasts aim to replicate specific natural habitats. It can help recreate the look of streams, rivers, and swamps in the aquarium.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, blackwood provides hiding places for fish and invertebrates, allowing them to feel secure and reduce stress. This is particularly beneficial for shy or territorial species. As driftwood leaches tannins into the water, it can lower the pH and soften the water, which generally is beneficial for fish, and particularly so for certain species of fish that prefer acidic and soft water conditions, such as many Amazonian or Southeast Asian species like tetras, cichlids, and plecos.

Driftwood Selection and Photography at Modern Aquarium

This blackwood was selected and photographed by our staff. It is one-of-a-kind and you will receive the exact piece depicted in the picture. Blackwood comes in many different shapes and sizes and, to help you in your selection, our photographs are taken against the background with measurements. Photographs are authentic and not enhanced in any way so you can rest assured that what you see is actually what you get.