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Natural Aquarium Decorations: The Benefits of Adding Botanicals to Your Tank

Natural Aquarium Decorations: The Benefits of Adding Botanicals to Your Tank

Posted by Artur Wlazlo on 14 Aug 2020

Natural Fish Tank Decorations

As an aquarium owner, you may have ventured into the world of live plants to spruce up the look and feel of your aquascape. While many enthusiasts start adding botanicals to their aquariums because they look really cool, at the end of the day, there is also a functional to consider with each new addition. If you’re wondering how natural aquarium decorations actually fit in with your fish and other tank life, read on to learn more from the experts at Modern Aquarium.

Rocks & Wood

When was the last time you realy thought about your fish in its natural habitat? Have you thought about what its life might be like in the wild? For many fish, there is a balance between gathering food and spending energy. They’re looking for a place where they can find protection from predators while ensuring they have easy access to food. This means they like to hide under rocks, driftwood, and even around fallen seed pods and husks.

Creating small clusters of these natural aquarium decorations for fish of varying sizes can ensure your aquascape looks and functions organically. The style and color of these botanicals are completely up to you — whether you opt for a subtle piece of rose quartz rock or the dramatic flair of dragon wood!

Plant Life

hyacinth fish tank decoration

Another element that’s important to a fish’s daily life is finding shade. Many fishermen find that fish congregate under trees and other floating plant life to enjoy cooler waters. This also gives them easy access to insects, fruit, and random materials that might provide a windfall from above.

As you consider which types of live plants to add to your collection of natural aquarium decorations, you must find a balance between plants of different shapes and sizes that can survive in the conditions of your aquarium and provide shade for your fish.

Tall background plants are ideal for fish that like to float near the top of your tank, hiding in the reeds. Bottom feeders do best hiding among foreground and carpeting plants like moss and tiger lotus. You can even find botanicals already growing on driftwood and rocks to make the transition of comprehensive natural aquarium decorations into your tank easier.

Where to Find What You Need

As an aquarium owner, you might be spending hours trying to find the perfect placement for each new addition to your tank — while in reality, nature creates her own aquascapes through randomness and chaos. Consider the tips for functional aquascapes from our team, try to focus a little less on perfection, and let your tank find its own rhythm and balance.

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