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The Importance of Clean Environments for Live Aquarium Plant Care

The Importance of Clean Environments for Live Aquarium Plant Care

Posted by Artur Wlazlo on 8 Oct 2020

In many aquarium environments, choosing  freshwater plants over plastic ones will have several benefits for every aspect of your tank. Live plants can absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, improve the water quality, create a renewable food source for fish, and even help control algae growth. While live aquarium plants require some care, the benefits far outweigh the maintenance needed to keep your tank clean.

If you’re curious about the importance of a clean environment for live aquarium plant care, the experts at  Modern Aquarium are here to offer some advice. Read on here to learn how to cultivate healthy aquatic plants through pristine conditions.

Proper Aquascaping

The first step towards providing proper live plant aquarium care includes proper aquascaping. While not always necessary, providing an  iron-based fertilizer that’s safe for fish and enhances the overall vitality and growth of your plants is advised. Some of your plants will need to be pruned more often than others, so keep a careful eye on taller varieties that can overtake your tank space. Overgrown plants are an aquarium plant care mistake, as they block essential light, affect your water quality, and can be detrimental to the health of other aquatic life in your tank.

In addition to trimming and pruning, you should watch out for loose leaf and plant particles that are floating around dead and dying. Unlike  botanicals, these need to be removed as soon as you spot them to avoid buildup.

Clean Aquariums

hardscape freshwater aquarium plants

Just like fish, aquarium plants also need a clean space to ensure the ideal conditions for optimal growth. You should be cleaning your aquarium environment regularly and stay on top of algae development in particular. While live plants will usually outcompete algae for nutrients (one reason they are so great for your aquarium), you may need to do some  algae removal on your own to ensure proper aquarium plant care. Some of the most popular ways to remove or prevent algae from growing include:

  • Physically scraping the algae off with a scraper once a week
  • Adding herbivorous animals, like nerite snails or cherry shrimp or plecos, to keep algae in check
  • Avoid fertilizers with high concentrations of phosphates, since algae thrive on them
  • Using algaecide — be aware that buildup can, over time, disrupt the photosynthesis process

Live plant aquarium care is much easier when you use natural strategies to help you keep a clean aquarium environment.

Good Water Quality

For those new to freshwater aquarium plant care, you may not be familiar with industry terms like alkaline, acidic, or pH. The  pH of your tank is an important part of ensuring a safe environment for your tank inhabitants and plants. However, freshwater plants accept wide ranging water conditions, but you should double-check each plant’s ideal conditions before adding it to your tank.

Ready to start taking better care of your  live aquarium plants? Add these top tips to your cleaning regimen and watch your plants and fish thrive!