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Types of Fish Food And How to Use Them

Types of Fish Food And How to Use Them

Posted by Artur Wlazlo on 8 Jun 2020

Many types of fish food can ensure the health and happiness of every creature in your tank. Learn about the most popular fish foods you can find online and how to use them at  Modern Aquarium today!

Xtreme Crave - Krill & Spirulina Flakes

1. Flakes

The most common of all types of fish food,  flakes are the easiest to use. When it’s time for your fish to eat, you sprinkle the top of the water with the flakes and your fish will swim up to eat.

There are flakes made for specific  fish species that are meant to mimic their diet. You can find marine flakes for saltwater fish and tropical flakes for freshwater fish like angels, barbs, and tetras. You can even buy flake food that’s only for goldfish or cichlids. These foods can enhance fish colors, improve the strength of their scales, and add fiber or protein to their diet.

2. Freeze-Dried

All-natural food that’s generally kept whole, this is a great alternative to live food that could be perishable.  Freeze-dried food is often made from the insects and plants that your fish would find in their natural habitat. These types of fish food range from insect larvae to spirulina.

Freeze-dried food should not be your fish’s primary diet and must be used sparingly. Most brands recommend giving your fish as much as they can eat in two minutes once a day.

LEGIT Community Fish Pellets (0.75 - 1.2 mm)

3. Pellets

Pellet type fish food is usually meant for larger fish, even though it does come in a variety of sizes. It has the same ingredient makeup as flakes, just in a slightly different form. Some pellets are designed to float and attract fish attention, while others slowly sink to feed your bottom-dwelling species. Fish that do well with pellets include catfish, groupers, oscars, and large cichlids.

4. Dried Seaweed

Xtreme Spirulina Flakes

Seaweed and  spirulina are incredibly nutritious plant foods that most fish love. If your tank is full of herbivores, then dried seaweed is the choice for you. If you’re looking for a treat, you want to feed your fish seaweed as a veggie snack. For those who need algae in their regular diet, spirulina can provide tons of vitamin C and essential minerals.

5. Wafers

Some fish foods online are meant to dissolve as slowly as possible so that 

Xtreme Bottom Wafers (14mm)

your fish have plenty of opportunities to eat them.  Wafers work a little differently. These are made to sink to the bottom of your aquarium right away and slowly soften. They cannot be eaten in a single bite and should break up as your fish nibble at them.

Since wafers are typically for nocturnal bottom feeders like plecos, you should drop them in at night or in the evening. Give your fish only as much as they can consume in two hours and remove any uneaten bits of wafer after the time is up.

6. Other Foods

Here are a few other food options you can utilize in your  fish tank, especially if you plan on leaving for a vacation.  Vacation pyramids are a long-term feeding method that can feed your fish for as long as two weeks. Use them only in a filtered aquarium, as they slowly dissolve and release food every few hours.

You can also use fresh vegetables to supplement your other types of fish food. Everything from romaine lettuce to a couple of slices of cucumber is perfect for plecos and goldfish. You can even feed your carnivores frozen beefheart or squid.

Customize Your Feeding

Each type of fish has specific preferences when it comes to food types, nutrients, and feeding times. Make sure to read up about your fish before buying new fish foods online or giving them fresh veggies and meat.