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What to do after you receive our plants in five easy steps.

What to do after you receive our plants in five easy steps.

Posted by Artur Wlazlo on 18 May 2020

We want you to be happy with your aquarium plants. In order to ensure your satisfaction, we take great care to make sure that our plants are grown under optimum settings and are in superb condition when they are collected.

In addition, we make great effort and devote significant time and resources to ensure that when we ship your aquarium plants, they not only look great but are also healthy and clean. In fact, when your plants are being prepared for shipment, they are carefully inspected and thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris or unwanted snails.

However, these are live aquarium plants and they are grown in a living environment. Therefore, in preparation for placing our plants in your aquarium, we recommend the following steps be taken to achieve the best results:

1. As soon as possible after their arrival, gently remove the plants from the packaging and place them in a bowl with lukewarm tap water.

2. Inspect the plants for any unwanted hitchhikers such as snails. Make sure to inspect the stems, roots, and under the leaves.

3. Trim any broken or damaged leaves and overly lengthy or bound roots.

4. If you purchased our potted plants, you may - but do not have to - remove them from the pot and gently peel off the wool or sponge from the roots.

5. Separate the plants into individual specimens. And you're now ready to plant them in your aquarium.

These easy five steps will help ensure your success. And don’t forget to check out our selection of aquarium plant fertilizers.