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Golden Nesea - Set of 2 Bunches

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Golden Nesea, also known as nesaea pedicellata, is a relatively new addition to US aquariums. It originates in West Africa and is distinguished by its beautiful gold and green leaves with red/pink stems. These plants generally belong in the background or midground of your tank, as they can grow vertically to over 12” tall! Place them in bunches to create a golden bush that provides great cover for fish or plant them individually for the occasional highlight.

Care & Maintenance

Golden Nesaea is pretty easy to care for since you don’t need to provide any CO2 supplementation or high lighting. If you want to provide plant supplements to help it grow faster, we recommend adding fertilizer to your substrate such as Thrive Root Zone Tabs.

When placing this plant in your tank, the experts at Modern Aquarium suggest moderate light and nutrition.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 70°-82° F
  • Tank Placement: Midground - Background

Live Plants at Modern Aquarium

Modern Aquarium strives to deliver unique, healthy plants for all aquarium hobbyists. The image represented on this page is a close sample of the product you will receive — not the exact plant. If you have any questions about introducing the Golden Nesaea to your tank, feel free to reach out to us today!

Reviews (11)

  • 5
    Golden Nesea

    Posted by P.G. on 12 Oct 2021

    Received big beautiful healthy stems. No hitchhikers. Fantastic color. Nice roots. Planted as a single bush and it makes a lovely focal point. No melt at all. I couldn't be happier with this purchase

  • 5
    Golden Nesea

    Posted by AeXzer Anthony on 6 Oct 2021

    Plants came well packed and very healthy. No dead leaves or folded leaves. Beautiful plants and already sporting its golden color which perfectly contrasted with bright red stem. Looks very beautiful as a background plant and growing already within just a few days. A very good and highly recommended beginners plant which is not too demanding and very colorful.

  • 4
    Great plants

    Posted by Kelli on 1 Oct 2021

    Plants were healthy, after two weeks in tank seeing new growth. Very happy

  • 5

    Posted by Eric on 29 Apr 2021

    This is a beautiful plant. The leaves are slightly more golden (yellow) than in the picture and it adds a stunning contrast to the rest of the greenery in my tank. A week after planting, I'm experiencing some plant melt, which is expected. Overall, a great addition to my tank

  • 5
    Golden Nesea

    Posted by Leslie on 2 Mar 2021

    This is a really nice sturdy plant! Was easy to plant in the substrate and hopefully will do well!

  • 5
    Great plants

    Posted by Read on 16 Jan 2021

    The 2 bunches option is great! The plants were nice and healthy.

  • 5

    Posted by PRISELLA OLIVEIRA on 26 Dec 2020

    Arrived EXACTLY like the photo. Very green with red stems and lots of roots. They were dipped and added to my aquarium. Now they are loosing a little bit of the green and are kinda yellow but I know its something that has to do with my lighting or water conditions. Mostly because they arrived so healthy. I've changed a few things to see if they bounce back. Still a very beautiful plant.

  • 5
    Healthy plants

    Posted by Celeste Denniston on 15 Sep 2020

    Pretty plants that stand out in the aquarium!!!!

  • 5
    ModernAquarium=great plants

    Posted by EricA on 3 Jul 2020

    The products they sent were top quality. Very healthy, very mature plant. Leaves were all green, the roots were flawless. cant get anything better. This is the 2nd time Ive order a pile of plants from them and in both cases, fantastic service and FANTASTIC quality. I've been aquascaping for years and I've not seen any other provider have such mature and healthy plants as I've seen with MA. Thank you folks, you make my tank look professional. Now the hard part.....keeping them looking nice.

  • 5
    Such a beautiful plant!

    Posted by Melody Barreto on 9 Jun 2020

    Came in healthy and it’s already getting its golden color!

  • 5
    best item that i received

    Posted by Seraphim Step on 4 Jun 2020

    leaves are yellow but still very beautiful