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Hornwort (Ceratophyllum Demersum) - Set of 2 Bunches

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Minimal Lighting Required: Low
Temperature Range: 59-86° F
Tank Placement: Background

Hornwort, also known as Ceratophyllum Demersum, is found worldwide. Hornworth can be used as a floating plant or as an upright stem plant.  It does not have roots but when planted, Hornworth produces rhizomes that allow it to attach to the gravel.  This plant is a fast grower and many hobbyists use in fry tanks to provide hiding places for young fish.  Because of its fast growth, Hornworth is great for planted aquariums because it will quickly absorb extra nutrients from the water column, preventing algal blooms.      



Reviews (42)

  • 4

    Posted by Matthew on 5 Jan 2021

    I had ordered plants from other places and was not impressed at all. This was my first order from here and I was thoroughly impressed. The plants were large and healthy. I will be ordering from here again.

  • 5
    Easy Plant

    Posted by autumn on 29 Dec 2020

    Even during Covid AND the holidays, my order arrived super fast and all the plants were looking great! Very happy with my order and I will be buying more from this website

  • 5
    Aquarium Plants

    Posted by Robert Lippi on 17 Dec 2020

    Got my order today of 14 different types of plants. They were all in GREAT shape. Now in the tank and looking beautiful!

  • 5
    Gorgeous, substantial plant!

    Posted by Trevor David Money on 14 Dec 2020

    NO browning or weak stems ANYWHERE on this hornwort; probably the BEST specimen I have ever purchased online! Planted in the substrate and even with a stronger than average current, they are secure and no breakage!

  • 5
    Was not sure what to expect

    Posted by Cindy Boedefeld on 10 Dec 2020

    I was tired of buying stuff from the pet stores in my area in St. Charles MO. I tried to buy online through Amazon and was never really impressed with many of the plants I paid for. I this store in New York with good reviews on their plants and went for it! I am very impressed with their directions on doing a quick bleach dip before putting the plants in your tanks. I have 4 tanks that I put multiple of their plants in I have not found any snails or any critters in my tank, but did find some when cleaning them/dipping them so it is really important to read their instructions! The plants are doing well and I have had them a week. Some of the hornwort seem to be browning just a bit but they still seem healthy. I put the Hornwort tanks: 1. with my African Dwarf Frogs/Betta, 2. with Mollies 3. with my male Betta and #4 tank with Tetras and they all seem to do well with it. The only thing I worry about is my frogs because they are nearly blind and I worry about them trying to eat the spikes that drop off the plant. The delivery and packaging was top notch! I also think you get a lot of plant for a "bunch".

  • 4
    Fast growing

    Posted by Unknown on 30 Nov 2020

    It seemed as though they grew the day of. Fast shipping, fast growth rate, one of the hornworts didn’t seem to enjoy the recommended bleach dip but it recovered quickly. It was interesting that there were 2 different styles of hornwort that came. I’m still not sure if I love that or prefer just one style, but they’re healthy things that my new shrimp love

  • 5
    Good condition

    Posted by O' on 23 Nov 2020

    arrived in good condition. Nice bunches.

  • 5
    Honestly, the best

    Posted by Elizabeth Eremus on 18 Nov 2020

    I ordered two bunches for my angel fish and let me just say, they are exceptional. About four very long, established pieces (in each bunch) that were very full and healthy. Quick, same week shipping. Honestly so impressed. This is why I'd never waste money at a big box stores.

  • 5
    A great classic!

    Posted by Anna on 2 Nov 2020

    Great plants, my baby snails love it!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 27 Oct 2020

    Very nice plants, my betta loves to hide in them.

  • 4
    Small hitchhikers found!

    Posted by Bambi Phu on 23 Oct 2020

    I am in love with my plants! They arrived looking very healthy, with the exception of some browning. I know that’s completely normal though due to the trauma of shipping for the little plants. However, I have one question! I have been soaking my hornwort in lukewarm tap water before I add it to my aquarium. I cleaned them as well as I could to remove any fallen leaves and put them in some glass to soak. When I came to rinse them again and dechlorinate before adding to my aquarium, I noticed a bunch of tiny long narrow crustaceans swimming around and a handful of red roundworms swimming around the bottom. I’m very scared to put it in my aquarium. What should I do?

  • 4

    Posted by Rodney on 21 Oct 2020

    Pictured was a full plant, I received pieces banded together, just hope they grow up