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Manzanita Wood Branch (19)

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Manzanita Branches | No. 19

Manzanita Branches are hugely popular in the aquascaping world. They are typically reddish-brown in color, featuring slender branches with intricate twists, bends, and other interesting shapes. They add flair and natural beauty to the aquarium. They are ready to use and safe for all aquarium inhabitants. They may float and may need to be weighted down for a few days until they become waterlogged and sink on their own.

Manzanita Driftwood in the Aquarium

Manzanita Branches can be used in many different ways in the aquarium, either as a standalone focal piece or combined together with multiple other branches. When arranged together with other pieces, Manzanita Branches can be formed into spectacular underwater “forests.” Planting stem plants, Swords, Cryptocorynes or Valls around the branches or attaching plants like Anubias, Ferns, or Mosses directly to the branches can create even more attractive and natural-looking aquascapes. They can be partially buried in the substrate or they can be secured to rocks, other pieces of wood, or decorations.

Driftwood Photography and Selection at Modern Aquarium

This piece of Manzanita Branches was selected and photographed by our staff. It is one-of-a-kind and you will receive the exact piece depicted in the picture. They come in many different shapes and sizes and, to help you in your selection, our photographs are taken against the background with measurements. Photographs are authentic and not enhanced in any way so you can rest assured that what you see is actually what you get.