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Sparkle Sword

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Sparkle Sword (Echinodorus sp) 

Sparkle Sword is a popular variant of the Echinodorus species of plants. Sword plants are native to South America. They are found in rivers, tributaries, and lakes in parts of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. Sparkle Sword is known for its vibrant green coloration and large oval-shaped leaves grown on sturdy stems that sometimes display reddish hues. The lighter-colored blotches on its leaves give this sword a distinctive appearance and its name as they “sparkle” when the light reflects off the leaves.

How to Care for Sparkle Sword

Sparkle Sword is easy to care for and is a suitable plant for beginners. Like most Swords, this plant is a heavy root feeder so it will appreciate and grow better in good substrate. If planted in inert gravel or sandy substrate, we recommend feeding Sparkle Sword with root tabs. Strong light is not required and the plant will do well under a moderate level of light. However, it will grow better, faster, and bigger under stronger light.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 68-82°F
  • Tank Placement: Background

Under good conditions, Sparkle Sword can grow up to 12 inches. It will propagate through runners and adventitious plantlets that will grow from the base of the plant. These “baby” plants can be separated and replanted. Sparkle Sword’s size and foliage make it an ideal plant for the midground and background areas of the aquarium. It can be utilized to hide aquarium equipment such as heaters or filter intakes. Fish will also welcome its addition to the aquarium. Some fish like discus or angel fish will often choose the Sparkle Sword’s leaves as a spawning surface and lay their eggs on them.  

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