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Stump Wood (S3)

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Stump Wood | S3

Modern Aquarium’s stump wood is ideal for aquariums with fish and shrimp. It resembles stumps of fallen trees but the central portion of the stump is riddled with cavities of different shapes and sizes. The outer layer of the wood, while predominantly circular in shape, is irregular and often ringed by raised ridges and randomly protruding boughs and spurs. The unusual shape and appearance of this driftwood conjure up images of a sunken forest that will provide great visual interest to any aquarium.  It is fish and shrimp safe.   

Why Driftwood is Beneficial in Aquariums

Driftwood has both functional and health benefits in an aquarium. It serves as a form of decoration and can be a focal point of an aquascape. It helps to recreate a natural-looking aquascape. Its roots can serve as a home for many species of fish, including plecos, synodontis, Corydoras, and many other catfish. Our Stump Wood with its many nooks and crannies makes an especially good home for these fish.

Many aquascapers utilize driftwood as a base for epiphyte plants like Anubias, Java Fern, or Bolbities. These plants do not need to be planted on any substrate and will thrive growing on wood, branches, or rocks. And our Stump Wood is particularly well suited for that purpose with its myriad of cavities and ridges where epiphyte plants can be attached. Many stunning aquascapes utilize driftwood for that very purpose to mimic a natural environment found in rivers or lakes.

How to Prepare Driftwood for Your Aquarium

No special preparation is necessary and we often plopped them right into our aquariums. However, we recommend that you at least clean Stump Wood under running tap water to dislodge and remove any dust, sand, or debris. While not necessary, you may boil the driftwood in a large pot of water for an hour or so to sterilize it and help it become waterlogged more quickly.

Driftwood for Aquariums in our Online Store

Modern Aquarium's driftwood is natural and fish and shrimp safe. Our selection of driftwood includes many different types, shapes, and sizes. It is one of the largest and diverse collection of dritwood for aqauscaping available online. For example, our collection includes Driftwood on Slate, Spider Wood, Tiger Wood, Blackwood, and Manzanita Branches, to mention just a few. This Stump Wood was selected and photographed by our staff. It is one-of-a-kind and you will receive the exact piece depicted in the picture. Stumpo Wood comes in many different shapes and sizes and, to help you in your selection, our photographs are taken against the background with measurements. Photographs are authentic and not enhanced in any way so you can rest assured that what you see is actually what you get.