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Tiger Wood L11

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Tiger Wood Driftwood | L11

Modern Aquarium’s Tiger Wood is one-of-a-kind driftwood for aquariums. This aquarium driftwood is prized by many aquascapers because of its unique appearance. It has many branches of different lengths, shapes, and widths extending outward in multiple directions. The wild or unpredictable shape of this driftwood instantaneously creates the impression of a naturally sunken water garden.

Incorporating Aquarium Driftwood in Your Aquarium

All aquascapers should seriously consider adding driftwood to their aquariums. These natural decorations will enhance the visual aspects of the aquarium, making it appear more natural and beautiful. Fish, snails, and shrimp will also appreciate the presence of driftwood in their environment. Aquarium driftwood provides hiding places and areas to establish their territories. For plecos, driftwood can be both their home and source of food.

Truly stunning planted aquariums almost always incorporate driftwood into their designs. Many plants can easily be attached to driftwood. Live aquarium plants like Anubias, Java Moss, or Java Fern will thrive while growing on aquarium driftwood. Their placement on driftwood evokes images from real nature, enhancing and bringing your home aquarium’s aquascape to the next level.

Driftwood Selection at Modern Aquarium

This driftwood for aquarium was selected and photographed by our staff. It is one-of-a-kind and you will receive the exact piece depicted in the picture. Tiger Wood comes in many different shapes and sizes and, to help you in your selection, our photographs are taken against the background with measurements. Photographs are authentic and not enhanced in any way so you can rest assured that what you see is actually what you get.