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Trident Java Fern (Microsorum Pteropus Var. Trident)

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Trident Java Fern 

Java Fern Trident is a cultivated variety of Java Fern species. It produces attractive, narrow and distinctively shaped green leaves in trident-like formations and appaerance. With its unique leaf-shapes, Java Fern Trident will provide highly desirable visual interest to your aquarium aquascape.

Care & Maintenance for Java Fern

Java Fern Trident, like its other Java Fern cousins, is both versatile and easy to take care of in the aquarium. In nature, it grows on the banks of rivers and smaller streams both submerged as well as above the water surface.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Low
  • Temperature Range: 68-82°F
  • Tank Placement: Midground, Background

Java Fern's roots are designed to attach to hard surfaces such as rocks and driftwood. In aquariums, like in nature, the plant should be attached to hard surfaces - rocks, wood, decorations, etc. - and not be planted in substrate. It is a relatively slow growing plant. If some leaves become blackened and ragged, they should be removed. Sharp aquascaping scisosors will make this a quick and easy job.

Java Fern readily adapts to most aquarium conditions. It requires little light and is suitable for low nutrients conditions. The leaves of Java Fern contain chemicals that make them unpallatable to most herbivorous fish. It is the plant that will thrive in aquariums with some of the most boisterous fish.

Other Java Fern varieties are also available, including Java Fern, Java Fern Windelov, Java Fern Narrow Leaf, and Java Fern on mats.

Plants at Modern Aquarium

At Modern Aquarium, we strive to bring you healthy, beautiful specimens in every order. While the photos on our website are just examples of what you will receive, we do examine each plant in person before shipping it to you. If you have any questions about what to expect from your order, how to plant your new specimen, or the best starter plants for your tank, reach out to us any time!

Reviews (9)

  • 4
    Trident Java Fern
    Posted by Robert Wood on 16 Mar 2022

    Arrived in good shape. Glued to a log and starting to sprout new shoots after only 2 weeks. No melt.

  • 5
    Great Service
    Posted by Ricardo Green on 22 Feb 2022

    It looks really healthy. It was well packaged.

  • 4
    SUPER bright green!
    Posted by natalie duncan on 1 Feb 2022

    Trident java ferns are one of my favorite variations of this plant. The long finger like leaves look awesome on any aquascape. As far as product itself goes though… stunning on arrival. Bright green, vibrant and still going strong in my goldfish tank. Thanks for such beautiful and healthy plants!

  • 5
    Posted by David K CHADWELL on 24 Jan 2022

    Plants are green and look very healthy.

  • 5
    Posted by Rob on 12 Jan 2022

    The plants arrived healthy and in good condition.

  • 4
    Posted by Jordan on 4 Jan 2022

    Very green and healthy

  • 5
    Trident Java Fern
    Posted by Mike W. on 9 Sep 2021

    Healthy as can be, no complaints.

  • 5
    Microsorum Pteropus Trident
    Posted by Alex on 18 Sep 2020

    Quality mature plants. Fast shipping through FEDEX. Will totally recommend.

  • 5
    Very Nice
    Posted by EricA on 3 Jul 2020

    The products they sent were top quality. Very healthy, very mature plant. Leaves were all green, the rhizomes were flawless. cant get anything better. This is the 2nd time Ive order a pile of plants from them and in both cases, fantastic service and FANTASTIC quality. I've been aquascaping for years and I've not seen any other provider have such mature and healthy plants as I've seen with MA. Thank you folks, you make my tank look professional. Now the hard part.....keeping them looking nice.