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Aquael Turbo (Sponge & Bio Media) Filter

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Aquael Turbo Internal Aquarium Filter

Aquael Turbo internal aquarium filter sits right inside your aquarium. We love these filters because, despite their small size, they provide great flow and have both biological and mechanical filtration. These filters are also super affordable, especially compared to canister filters.  

This internal aquarium filter is designed for the cleaning and aeration of aquarium water. This quiet and energy-efficient filter provides double (mechanical and biological) filtration out of the box. It is compatible with any biological or chemical filter cartridges offered by AQUAEL, such as BioCeraMAX Pro 600, BioCeraMAX Pro 1200, BioCeraMAX Pro 1600, ZeoMAX PLUS, CarboMAX PLUS, NitroMAX PRO, PhosMAX BASIC, and PhosMAX PRO.

The sealed rotor chamber ensures high efficiency at a relatively low level of power consumption. All the AQUAEL TURBO FILTER models are equipped with special shock-absorbing suction cups to dampen vibrations that may be carried to the glass and to muffle the operation of the device. The larger models, TURBO FILTER 1000, 1500, and 2000, are equipped with a ceramic rotor axis for even quieter operation and enhanced durability.

Thanks to the special design of AQUAEL TURBO internal filters for aquariums, they are easily expandable. The filter media containers can be filled with any filter medium, as needed.

This Starter Aquarium Filter Kit Includes:

  • a container for loose filter media with a capacity of 250 ml in the TURBO FILTER 500 model and 625 ml in the TURBO FILTER 1000, 1500, and 2000 models,
  • one BioCeraMAX Pro 600 cartridge for biological filtration,
  • one sponge of carefully selected density to ensure high filtering parameters for as long as possible

Replacement Sponges and Media can be Found Below:

Reviews (3)

  • 5
    500 Model
    Posted by Anne Simmons on 11 Sep 2022

    This is an incredibly quiet unit—a huge relief after my last filter. The only noise I can hear is the outflow of water. I noticed that my danios calmed down some after the change. But note that this is a long filter. I want to use both the sponge and biological filters but I will have to try different locations in my 20 gallon tank.

  • 5
    Best filter I've found yet!!!
    Posted by Jennifer Garner on 8 Oct 2021

    I purchased 2 of these filters about 4 months ago. I ordered them for bigger tanks than I have. My big tank is 55g and I ordered the turbo 1500 filter which is good for I think like 70 to 90g. (I did accordingly for my smaller aquarium) The flow could be slightly stronger but I put a small sponge filter on the opposite end of the tank of the 55g and the flow is perfect for my fish. My smaller tank didn't need any extra flow. The filters flow was sufficient. THIS FILTER IS SO QUIET!!!! I suffer from chronic migraines and have had a horrendous time finding good QUIET filtration but I'm so happy to say my search finally is over. The media reservoir is awesome and totally customizable. I don't use carbon (charcoal) but if you do it's absolutely doable with these units. Tons of biological and mechanical filtration happening here! I love these filters! And I love that I can spend more time watching them because the filter isn't so loud that it triggers migraines. GAME CHANGER!!

  • 4
    Posted by ernie BLACK on 2 Sep 2021


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