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Ammania Senegalensis - Set of 2 Bunches

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Minimum Lighting: Moderate
Temperature Range: 71.6-82.4°F
Tank Placement: Background

Ammania Senegalensis, due to its coloration is also known as copper ammania, originates from Western Senegal.  This is a very beautiful and striking plant, guaranteeing to draw attention in your tank.  The leaves of this plant will display multitude of colors from light to dark green mixed with light to dark red, even maroon or crimson red.  The more intense the lighting the more intense red coloration the plant's leaves will exhibit.  Under good conditions, with proper lighting and fertilization, this plant will grow fast.  The best placement is probably in the background but it can also be planted mid-ground.  A. Senegalensis looks best planted in bunches. When planting, separate each stem and plant it individually.  Propagation is by cuttings.              

Reviews (12)

  • 5
    Great plants

    Posted by Paula K Ferguson on 20th Jul 2020

    Arrived in good condition and are doing great in my aquarium.

  • 5
    Ammania Senegalensis

    Posted by Linda on 30th Jun 2020

    Pretty plant. Arrived quickly and in great shape.

  • 5
    My favorite

    Posted by Kendra on 28th May 2020

    Words can't describe how magical this plant is. They came to me in thick, wavy stalks but the leaves seemed like just ordinary back row green material, BUT since being planted a week ago, they've straighten out, blossomed (literally), and have taken on a pink hue. From above, they look like flowers! They are my absolute favorite out of the five plants I bought from Modern Aquarium.

  • 5
    Live Aquarium Plant

    Posted by Deborah Ann Duckworth on 12th May 2020

    Nice substantial bunch not thin and spindly good color Packaged very well to protect them

  • 4
    Ammania Senegalensis

    Posted by Curtis on 7th May 2020

    I received the 2 bunches of Ammania Senegalensis. Like the other plants I ordered the roots have been cut off leaving about 3/4" of roots on the plants, which makes it very hard to plant them in an aquarium or pond.

  • 5
    great item

    Posted by patti brown on 24th Apr 2020

    The stem is very red and at this point the leaves are a bit more green than the photo. It is in great shape and doing very well in the aquarium. Plant was full and healthy with multiple stems. Very happy.

  • 5

    Posted by James F on 11th Apr 2020

    Arrived already with a full, deep red color and strong leaves. I feared as a novice I would not be able to maintain either the color or fullness. Fortunately, I knew enough to ensure I bought root tabs for iron supplementation (iron being responsible for the red hue!) Even before the tabs arrived, the plants were wildly setting down roots within a couple of days, which was awesome! They are a strong red splash against the driftwood and taller background greenery.

  • 5
    Aquarium plants

    Posted by Cheryl on 7th Apr 2020

    I have purchased numerous and varying types of aquarium plants from Modern Aquarium. The plants arrive in perfect and beautiful condition. They are also quite large and, oftentimes, I receive more plants than I purchased. I recommend this company VERY highly and compliment them highly for the excellence of their plants.

  • 5
    Great plant

    Posted by Sarit on 31st Mar 2020

    I got a nice amount of very healthy plants. they grow fast, stay nice looking, and the fish don't seem to snack on them.

  • 5
    Lovely Ammania

    Posted by Melinda on 24th Jan 2020

    Arrived in healthy condition, they're starting to show a little bit of color.

  • 4
    Beautiful but Slow Growing

    Posted by Jawwad Ghaznavi on 23rd Jan 2020

    Finally taking on the red but growing slowly in my tank

  • 4
    Healthy plants

    Posted by Anna on 5th Nov 2019

    The plants came very healthy and fresh looking. They don’t seem to have as much hint of red as in the picture.