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Aquatic Catappa Leaves (Pack of 10)

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Catappa Indian Almond Leaves | Pack of 10 

Catappa leaves, also known in the hobby as Indian Almond Leaves, come from a tropical tree species Terminalia catappa. These trees grow in Southeast Asia countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Catappa Almond Leaves are broad and almond-shaped and are predominantly brown. Our Leaves are completely natural and free of any pesticides or herbicides.  They are collected by hand after they have fallen from the trees and then they are cleaned and sun-dried before being packaged.

Why Catappa Leaves are Beneficial for your Aquarium

Even before they became popular in the aquatic hobby, Catappa Almond Leaves have been widely believed to have medicinal properties and have been used in traditional medicine. It is believed that Catappa tree leaves provide many benefits for tropical fish aquariums. When submerged in water, the leaves will release tannins, humic substances, and flavonoids which are understood to have antimicrobial and antifungal properties and may also absorb and detoxify other harmful compounds or heavy metals sometimes present in tap water such as zinc, copper, and aluminum.

Sunken Catappa leaves will also create a more natural environment in the aquarium, provide hiding places for shy fish and shrimp, encourage fish to forage for their food, and are a source of food for many fish, especially plecos, otos, or even Corydoras, as well as shrimp. Catappa Almond Tree Leaves enhance the habitat and provide numerous health benefits to your aquarium fish and shrimp.

If added in large quantities, they are perfect for recreating blackwater habitats in your aquarium water as the released tannins may tinge your aquarium water in a beautiful golden-brown color.

Preparation of Catappa Almond Leaves

There are several ways to introduce Catappa leaves into your aquarium. First, you can soak them in fresh water for a few days to let them become waterlogged. Once waterlogged, they will sink to the bottom of your aquarium. Alternatively, you can rinse them gently under tap water and place them directly in your aquarium. They will float for a couple of days or so before becoming fully waterlogged, and then they will sink and settle on top of the substrate, enhancing the natural look of the aquarium. Finally, if you just want to use their beneficial properties without impacting the visual or aesthetic aspects of your aquarium, you can place them into a filter sock and use them simply as filter media to boost your aquarium’s antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Shop Botanicals at Modern Aquarium

Modern Aquarium botanicals are safe for fish and shrimp. They are collected from their natural environments. Our selection of botanicals includes different varieties of leaves, including Jackfruit Leaves, Guava Leaves, Catappa Leaves, and Mango Leaves. We also have a diverse selection of cones and pods such as Kenary Pods, Sterculia Pods, Pinus Cones, and Maoni Pods. And, do not forget to check our half-size or full-size coconuts and naturally-looking 3-D Aquarium Backgrounds and complete your aquascape in style.  

The photo shown represents a random set of Catappa Leaves. Since these leaves are natural and collected when they fall from the trees, each leaf is unique and you should expect slight variations in shape, size, and color.

Reviews (7)

  • 4
    Great condition
    Posted by Amber Mangum on 7 Dec 2022

    I bought these for my betas, as they are found naturally in the betas natural habitat. I have not used them yet. They arrived in excellent condition with no damage. They are much bigger than I thought they would be. They are about the size of my hand, so when I do use them I will only use half of one at a time; therefore, they will last longer.

  • 5
    really really nice!
    Posted by avery on 22 Mar 2022

    i’ve bought some botanicals from other places before but these are just by far the best i have bought!

  • 5
    Catalpa leaves
    Posted by Emmalee on 11 Jan 2022

    As I excepted with fast shipping as well.

  • 4
    Posted by Rodney Walter on 23 Nov 2021

    I am very happy with the leaves. Large, in good condition, and properly packed. Actually getting them was a bit of a challenge. They weren’t included in my first order and I had to pay for them a second time since Modern Aquarium was convinced they had sent them. At twice the list price it was a quality product that should have cost less.

  • 5
    Posted by Kaity Kelsey on 17 May 2021

    They all came in tact and were exactly what I wanted!

  • 5
    Posted by Evika on 4 Feb 2021

    very large leaves that came in perfect condition.

  • 5
    Great leaves
    Posted by Unknown on 30 Jan 2021

    The quality is amazing and I am so happy with the size!