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Small/Medium Catappa Leaves - Pack of 10

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Our Catappa Tree Leaves (Terminalia Catappa) provide many benefits for tropical fish aquariums. When submerged in water, the leaves will release tannins and tinge your aquarium water in beautiful golden-brown color.  They are perfect for recreating black water habitats.  Additionally, like many other botanicals, they will lower the pH and release other beneficial organic compounds such as humic acids and flavonoids.  These substances are understood to have antimicrobial properties and may also absorb and detoxify other harmful compounds or heavy metals sometimes present in tap water such zinc, copper, and aluminum.  For these reasons, all fish will benefit from the presence of the Catappa Almond Tree Leaves in their habitat.  

Our Almond Leaves are completely natural and free of any pesticides or herbicides.  They are collected by hand after they had fallen from the trees and then they are cleaned and sun dried before being packaged.  They range in size from 4" to 5". 

PREPARATION:  Before placing the leaves in your aquarium, we recommend soaking them in fresh water for a few days to let them become waterlogged and to leach off some of the tannins. Then, you can place them on the bottom of your aquarium as a functional and aesthetic substrate enhancer, or place them into a filter sock and use them simply as a filter media to help foster "blackwater" conditions in your aquarium.

NOTE: Since these leaves are natural and collected when they had fallen from the trees, each leaf is unique and may look differently from the exemples shown in the picture above.