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Organic Half Aquarium Coconut

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Our coconut shells are suitable for any freshwater aquarium and absolutely loved by fish, especially bottom feeders and Apistos, serving as hideaway spot as well as breeding grounds. It will not discolor the water and it will not alter pH.

The photo shown represents a random coconut half of ours, as they are all unique and you can expect slight variations in shape, size, color or location of the holes, if ones are present.

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    Betta Loves New Home
    Posted by Christie Grimes on 13 May 2022

    This little coconut hut was not in my aquarium very long before my betta packed his bags, gave up his high rise penthouse, and moved downtown into the Palm Tree subdivision. He has not looked back since! It has a larger front hole for entry and 2 smaller ones for him to look out. It is rather spacious. Definitely appealing to my eye. It looks and feels pretty sturdy as well. Definitely happy I ordered this! Thank you!