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Dwarf Aquarium Lily Bulb

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Dwarf Aquarium Lily | Bulb

Sometimes confused with another plant called the Red Tiger Lotus, the dwarf aquarium lily is slightly smaller in size. With spade-shaped leaves in a brownish-pink hue, it adds a little more interest and life to a tank that is full of green background plants.

Native to India, your dwarf lily belongs in the midground of your aquascape. Most of the time, this plant won’t grow any taller than 5” in your tank.

Care & Maintenance for Dwarf Lily

This aquarium plant does not have any special requirements and will do well in a variety of tank/water conditions. It does, however, appreciate some extra fertilization and iron supplements to help the plant produce a more intense red coloration.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 71-83°F
  • Tank Placement: Midground

The size of the leaves a dwarf aquarium lily grows will depend on the amount of light you have in your tank. Dimmer tank lights will result in leaves that are spread out and that grow on longer stalks reaching upwards toward the surface of the water or source of the light. They may also be greener in color. Brighter tanks or those with more intense lighting will cause dwarf lilies to grow more compact leaves on shorter stems with a more intense red coloration.


When you receive your dwarf lily, first make sure your tank temperature is adequate, as the plant will deteriorate in cooler waters outside the water temperature parameters. Then, simply bury the bulb into the substrate, and watch as it grows!

Typically, your dwarf lily may go through dormant cycles and lose its leaves. Don’t panic! When in a good growing environment, they’ll grow back in just a few weeks. Similarly, when your lily arrives, give it some time to adjust to your water parameters and in no time the plant will produce new leaves in your tank.

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Reviews (2)

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    Happy with purchase
    Posted by Serenity on 18 Jul 2022

    They have been in my aquarium for a week and within two days noticed growth and it hasn’t stopped since. I have a low tech tank and they seem to be doing great

  • 5
    Dwarf Aquarium Lily
    Posted by Liz S. on 25 Mar 2021

    My first order from these folks, and I couldn't be more impressed! Fast shipping, plants arrived in great shape, the bulbs are already sprouting. I'll be back for more!