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Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata - Set of 2 Bunches

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Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata | Set of Two

Sagittaria Subulata, also known as needle Sagittaria, originates from the coastal areas of the Eastern United States. It has a grass-like appearance and will stay short, making beautiful beds of grass in your aquarium. This is a hardy plant that will adapt to a variety of tank conditions and will even tolerate high pH and hard water. Sagittaria Subulata is a great plant for beginners.

Caring For Sagittaria Subulata

Sagittaria Subulata is a great plant for beginners. It does not require high lighting or specialty substrate. Like most plants, it will grow faster if it is planted in a good substrate and provided with some fertilization like root tabs and good lighting.  

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 71-82°F
  • Tank Placement: Foreground-Midground

This plant looks best when planted in small groups in the foreground of the aquarium. Under good conditions, Sagittaria will quickly start spreading through runners and begin carpeting your tank.

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Reviews (29)

  • 5
    Plants deliver healthy

    Posted by Jm on 13 Dec 2021

    Very good number of plants

  • 5

    Posted by Robyn Stetsko on 10 Dec 2021

    Seriously beautiful specimens. Very happy to have ordered from here and will again!

  • 5
    Dwarf Sag

    Posted by Sharon M on 7 Dec 2021

    Nice bunches, was able to spread them around - starting to grow well.

  • 5
    Great Plant

    Posted by Unknown on 6 Dec 2021

    Reviewing this after my second order of the plant. Will surely be getting aa third order down the road. I may have a lot of light in my tank because these plants dont seem to grow too tall. But I like the look of them staying lower to the gravel. Multiple munches have also sent off runners, so I have a few chains of these throughout the tank.

  • 5
    Generous Portion and healthy

    Posted by Holly Shumate on 15 Nov 2021

    This plant was divided in to many pieces and is thriving in my tank. Very nice.

  • 5
    Live plant nt

    Posted by Gordon Linderman on 20 Oct 2021

    So far so good! Plant arrived in great shape

  • 5
    Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata

    Posted by Ronald Johnson on 19 Oct 2021

    Came in good condition.

  • 5

    Posted by Mary on 29 Sep 2021

    Fast shipping, plants look good. Will definitely prefer from Modern Aquarium again

  • 5

    Posted by Christopher on 21 Aug 2021

    I purchased a few bunches of dwarf sag and it arrived timely and in great condition. It's easy to plant and very undemanding. Within a few days it was already sending runners and new little plantlets. Several of the original plants had some significant melt and required some trimming back, but they're bouncing back and propagating.

  • 5
    Dwarf sagittaria

    Posted by Conor Sullivan on 3 Aug 2021

    Out of the two bunches I received I was able to get 6 plants to spread around my 20 gallon. They were quick to come and the roots looked healthy and Long. I've had them 3 days in now and they seem to have adapted quite well in my aquarium.

  • 5
    Alive and Thriving

    Posted by Terry Giancaterino on 26 May 2021

    I have ordered this from other sites and received small plants. This is a good size plant when received. Colors still vibrant weeks later. A good no maintenance plant for all aquariums.

  • 5

    Posted by Rosie A on 4 May 2021

    The plants arrived in good condition and are doing well in my tank.