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Broadleaf Chilensis (Sagittaria Platyphylla)

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Broadleaf Chilensis Sagittaria

Broadleaf "Chilensis" or Giant Sagittaria, known by its scientific name as Sagittaria Platyphylla, originates from North America and Southeast Asia. The common name "giant" is a little bit misleading because this plant is low-growing. The "giant" monicker refers to the size of its leaves which are thicker than those of other similar Sagittaria species.

Care & Maintenance

Broadleaf Sagittaria is easy to care for but it appreciates good lighting and fertilization, including iron supplementation. Provided with good conditions and time, this plant will form a dense "carpet" across the aquarium foreground. It propagates through runners.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 72-82°F
  • Tank Placement: Foreground - Midground

Sagittaria looks best when planted in small groups of several plants in the foreground of the aquarium.

Disclaimer: Due to local restrictions this plant does not ship to Washington.

Plants at Modern Aquarium

At Modern Aquarium, we strive to bring you healthy, beautiful specimens in every order. While the photos on our website are just examples of what you will receive, we do examine each plant in person before shipping it to you. If you have any questions about what to expect from your order, how to plant your new specimen, or the best starter plants for your tank, reach out to us any time!

Reviews (17)

  • 5
    Sag. Chillensis
    Posted by Laura on 7 Sep 2022

    Received Jungle Val instead but was pleased.

  • 5
    Broadleaf Chilensis
    Posted by Danny A Karr on 2 Sep 2022

    Great plant Looks great in the aquarium. I love it

  • 5
    beautiful plant
    Posted by Melissa Mooney on 14 Jul 2022

    Beautiful plant. Came alive and well. thriving

  • 5
    Mine were huge!
    Posted by Matt Schock on 26 Feb 2022

    I’m not sure if I got the wrong order or if these just grow like crazy but mine were at least 6 inches long. I ordered Italian Val. And they were almost just as long. I’m not too concerned because they look super good! They’ve got a really nice green and the leaves are pretty thick. Still happy with the order though. It looks like they’re taking well in the tank.

  • 2
    Broadleaf "Chilensis" (Sagittaria Platyphylla) - Set of 2 Bunches
    Posted by JoelW on 17 Feb 2022

    This came as 2 single plants rather than the "set of 2 bunches" advertised. Also, they seem to have leaves that were longer and narrower than the photo on the website. Because of this I found them to be unsuitable as foreground plants. Also, many of their leaves quickly seemed to start dying off, once planted. I think one of the plants may be OK, but the other may be too far gone to establish itself in the tank. In general, I would not recommend.

  • 5
    Specimens came in great health
    Posted by Alysha Lockyer on 24 Jan 2022

    Planted and waiting for them to grown! Great healthy looking plants!

  • 5
    Gorgeous plant!
    Posted by Lindsay on 9 Nov 2021

    Perfect size for my betta aquarium. Plant was in great condition, vibrant green and no dead leaves.

  • 5
    The snails like these
    Posted by Glenn on 25 Aug 2021

    They were easy to plant and the snails spend lots of time on their leaves. They seem very healthy.

  • 5
    Broadleaf Sagittaria
    Posted by Rich R on 8 Apr 2021

    I was very pleased with the leaf fullness and the large root size of the sag

  • 5
    Very Green
    Posted by Unknown on 16 Mar 2021

    The plant arrived healthy and it is still doing great.

  • 5
    Posted by Tamara Mort on 12 May 2020

    Very healthy strong plants,look really good in the tank and my pleco love riding the leaves.

  • 5
    broadleaf chilensis
    Posted by Elaine on 5 May 2020

    Nice healthy plants & good roots. Growing fast & well, so far!