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Thrive All In One Liquid Fertilizer (for low tech setups without CO2)

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Thrive All-In-One Liquid Fertilizer for Aquarium Plants

Thrive is an easy-to-dose, super-concentrated all-in-one plant liquid fertilizer. It is based on an effective EI (the Estimative Index) dosing method with all essential micro and macronutrients designed to help aquatic plants truly Thrive. It eliminates the need for multiple products to manage the planted aquarium and includes an easy-to-use pump design for simple spill-free dosing.

Thrive Plant Fertilizer Features and Dosing Instructions

  • All-in-one fertilizer
  • Super Concentrated
  • Both micro/macronutrients
  • Best for low tech/no CO2 setups
  • Easy to dose pump design
  • 500mL treats 2500 gallons
  • For Advanced Users: 1 pump (2ml) per 10g (recommended for most aquariums) will add ~7ppm NO3, 1.3ppm PO4, 5ppm K, and 0.25ppm Fe
  • Store at or near room temperature, no refrigeration necessary

Why Use Liquid Plant Fertilizer for Your Plants

Aquatic plants need nutrients to grow. They can absorb nutrients through their roots and, importantly, also through their leaves. The best and simplest way to supply nutrients to your aquarium plants is by adding them through liquid fertilizers. High-quality liquid fertilizers for aquarium plants like Thrive contain both macro and micronutrients that the plants need to grow. These fertilizers are formulated to include these nutrients in ideal proportions. What’s more, they provide easy-to-understand dosing instructions so that there is no guesswork involved about when or how much to add and you can complete the task quickly.

By regularly feeding your aquatic plants with Thrive liquid fertilizer you ensure their continuous health.


Reviews (7)

  • 5
    Thrive fertilizer
    Posted by John on 31 Oct 2022

    Have only used it a couple of times so far but the plants seem to be acclimating to my aquarium quite nicely

  • 5
    Posted by Avery Alderman on 21 Jun 2022

    Great product, has really allowed my plants to thrive!

  • 3
    Posted by SUSAN EDWARDS on 13 Dec 2021


  • 5
    wonderful product
    Posted by Charity Wood on 22 May 2021

    This is a Very simple fertilizer! easy to dose by the pump. it has been wonderful for my plants! I was expecting my plants to go through a process of adjusting to my water but this has made them seem like they never had a change! RECOMMEND!!!!

  • 4
    Posted by guy kasper on 25 Feb 2021

    Good so far too early to tell

  • 5
    Works Great
    Posted by Tom on 22 Sep 2020

    Very please with the simplicity of use and repose of my plants!

  • 5
    Good add-on for free shipping!
    Posted by Michael Solano on 27 Apr 2020

    Sure you can find Thrive priced cheaper some places, but Modern Aquarium offers one of the best free shipping offers I've seen - on $50+ orders - as well as various discount codes. This was a perfect add-on to get their free shipping with the few plants I wanted.