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Fluval Stratum Planted Tank Substrate

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Collected from the mineral-rich foothills of Mount Aso Volcano in Japan, Fluval Stratum makes an ideal alternative substrate for planted aquariums and those featuring shrimp.

  • Encourages strong plant growth – roots easily penetrate and spread throughout substrate to obtain key nutrients
  • Porous structure allows for rapid colonization of beneficial nitrifying bacteria
  • Helps support neutral to slightly acidic pH – ideal for most plants, tropical fish and shrimp normally kept in planted aquariums
  • Provides newborn shrimp with a refuge from predators until they are large enough to emerge
  • Will not discolor water and helps control organic discoloration when natural driftwood is present
  • For use in freshwater aquariums

Recommended depth : 1.18 – 1.57 in (3-4 cm)

How much should I use?

< 45 cm (17.72 in) = 1 x 2 kg Fluval Stratum bag
45 cm (17.72 in) = 1 x 4 kg Fluval Stratum bag
60 cm (23.62 in) = 1 x 8 kg Fluval Stratum bag
90 cm (35.43 in) = 1 x 8+4 kg Fluval Stratum bag

Reviews (3)

  • 5
    Fluval substrate
    Posted by Deb on 21 Dec 2021

    Rinses easy. Works well in my nano planted tank. Easy on plant roots.

  • 5
    Arrived in one piece
    Posted by Valerie Peppers on 15 Jun 2021

    The bag arrived safe and sound!

  • 5
    Fluval stratum
    Posted by calvin Walsh on 31 Mar 2021

    I am sure hopeing I got enough of this for my 20 gallon tank, but only bought 4.4 Lbs I did not follow instructions but cut the top off the bag, filled with water and dumped it on the bottom. It was cloudy after I spread it out but in a few hours it was chrystal clear.

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