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Rio Café - Brown Planted Aquarium Substrate

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Rio Cafe Planted Aquarium Substrate 

Rio Café is a brown-colored aquarium substrate, about 1 mm in diameter, and it was specially designed to grow aquarium plants. It is made of natural-fired Japanese volcanic ash that has been formed into 1 mm size particles or round beads. The beads are pliable yet firm and durable to retain their shape for years. Rio Café substrate’s porous and semi-open structure creates a conducive environment for the absorption of nutrients by plants. Rio Café substrate gradually lowers GH and pH to create conditions ideal for the successful long-term growth of plants in home aquariums, fish, shrimp, and other invertebrates. It should be used as a primary substrate in an aquarium.

Why High-Quality Aquarium Substrate is Important

Rio Café substrate was made from naturally occurring material – volcanic ash – which has been baked and pelletized. This kind of aquarium soil is rich in nutrients, and its pelletized structure allows for easy root penetration and allows plants to develop their roots and access their food source with ease. In addition, such high-quality substrates absorb nutrients from the water column and make them available to plants through their roots, controlling excess nutrients in the water column and algae's ability to access them. High-quality planted aquarium substrates are also porous and provide enormous surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize, helping to keep ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites in check. These characteristics help to create an ideal environment for your aquatic plants to thrive and your fish and shrimp to grow.

How to Prepare Rio Cafe Substrate for Your Aquarium

In general, no rinsing of Rio Café substrate before placement in a new aquarium setup is required. Simply add the substrate to achieve the desired depth and slowly fill the aquarium with water.

Features and Highlights:

  • 1mm granule size allows for the development of stronger roots while keeping them sufficiently oxygenated
  • A natural volcanic substrate with beneficial properties for aquatic plant growth
  • Ideal for use as a substrate in shrimp biotope aquaria and all aquariums with live plants
  • Used as a primary substrate, forms the basis of a stable growth medium for rooted aquatic plants by (i) permitting the development of strong root systems. (ii) encouraging nutrient uptake through roots via increased interstitial water circulation (relative to higher-density substrata) and acidic pH environment, and (iii) allowing roots to remain sufficiently oxygenated to maintain plant health