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Rio Café - Brown Planted Aquarium Substrate

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Rio Cafe Planted Aquarium Substrate 

Rio Café is a brown-colored aquarium substrate, about 1 mm in diameter, and it was specially designed to grow aquarium plants. It is made of natural-fired Japanese volcanic ash that has been formed into 1 mm size particles or round beads. The beads are pliable yet firm and durable to retain their shape for years. Rio Café substrate’s porous and semi-open structure creates a conducive environment for the absorption of nutrients by plants. Rio Café substrate gradually lowers GH and pH to create conditions ideal for the successful long-term growth of plants in home aquariums, fish, shrimp, and other invertebrates. It should be used as a primary substrate in an aquarium.

How to Prepare Rio Cafe Substrate for Your Aquarium

In general, no rinsing of Rio Café substrate before placement in a new aquarium setup is required. Simply add the substrate to achieve the desired depth and slowly fill the aquarium with water.

Features and Highlights:

  • 1mm granule size allows for the development of stronger roots while keeping them sufficiently oxygenated
  • A natural volcanic substrate with beneficial properties for aquatic plant growth
  • Ideal for use as a substrate in shrimp biotope aquaria and all aquariums with live plants
  • Used as a primary substrate, forms the basis of a stable growth medium for rooted aquatic plants by (i) permitting the development of strong root systems. (ii) encouraging nutrient uptake through roots via increased interstitial water circulation (relative to higher-density substrata) and acidic pH environment, and (iii) allowing roots to remain sufficiently oxygenated to maintain plant health