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Organic Full Size Aquarium Coconut

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Our coconut shells are suitable for any freshwater aquarium and absolutely loved by fish, especially bottom feeders, including plecos as well as small cichlids like Rams and Apistos, serving as hideaway spots as well as breeding grounds. It will not discolor the water and it will not alter pH.

The photo shown represents a random coconut of ours, as they are all unique and you can expect slight variations in shape, size, color, or location of the holes. In addition some might have cool, natural cracks, adding to the natural look and feel of an already amazing and organic product. 

Reviews (4)

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    Fiji aquarium coconut
    Posted by Claire McGill on 12 Apr 2021

    Great hiding place for my tadpole from my pond goldfish, quick shipping

  • 5
    Love These Coconuts!
    Posted by Jennifer on 1 Mar 2021

    So happy with this purchase. I am always looking for natural items to aquascape with and have particularly been wanting to add some cave areas for my fish - these were the absolute perfect find. Natural, high-quality, and a good size. I would buy them again... probably will when I end up with another bigger tank :)

  • 5
    Posted by Kim on 4 Jan 2021

    This coconut is a perfect hideaway. I added gravel to keep it from floating.

  • 4
    Organic Fiji aquarium coconut
    Posted by Andrea on 29 Jul 2020

    This is a really cool looking place for my cichlid to hide in. It looks great in my planted aquarium.