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Aqua Scaper's Shrimp/Betta Cube - 2.5 Gal

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This 2.5G shrimp and betta aquarium nano cube comes complete with everything you need to help recreate some of the beautiful aquascapes seen at many shows and expos. Included in the kit are:

- 2.5 Gallon Shrimp/Betta Nano Cube

Size: 7.9 x 7.9 x 9.9

- Nano Corner Filter with Mechanical and Bio Media Included

This is a special, extremely quiet internal filter for mini-aquaria.

Water flow is freely adjustable.

Filter outlet is rotatable through 90°.

Easy to operate and clean.

- LED Lighting

Nano Power LED 3W LED Light

Safe - Low Voltage

Vivid light - 6500K, with shimmering effect

Durable - Osram LEDs, 50,000 burning hours

Light flux: 100 lumen

Angle of radiation: 120°

- 4L Bag of Active Scaper's Soil

Nutrient substrate for strong plant growth

With all essential minerals and trace elements

Ideal in combination with CO2 fertilization

Special nutrient formula – does not promote algae

- Plant Elixir Fertilizer

Provides aquarium plants with all essential nutrients

Prevents yellow and translucent leaves (iron and potassium deficiency)

Contains all key minerals and trace elements in a plant-available form

- Nano Bio CO2 Kit with connection to Nano Corner Filter

Ultra-compact CO2 injectorfor connection to Nano corner filter

With fermentation controlgel for evenly controlled CO2 production

With CO2 bubble counter

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