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Complete Shrimp Aquarium Kit - 2.6 Gallons

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Complete Shrimp Aquarium Kit | 2.6 Gallon

This kit was designed for both novices and seasoned aquarists alike, offering everything needed to embark on the rewarding hobby of shrimp and fish keeping.This complete Shrimp Nano Aquarium Kit provides the ideal conditions for plants, shrimps, and small fish to thrive. It includes Day & Night LED lighting to promote lush plant growth and showcase the natural beauty of your aquarium inhabitants, a heater to maintain optimal water temperatures, and a filter to ensure crystal-clear water, a stable, and clean environment for your aquarium life to flourish. This Shrimp Aquarium Set includes the following:

Features and Equipment:

  • 2.6 Gallon Aquarium sporting modern design with glass lid and with Smart Open System
  • 4.8W LED Light with 3 lighting modes (DAY / DAYBREAK / NIGHT) offering you the flexibility to illuminate your tank with three distinct lighting modes from daylight to promote plant growth to the serene blue night light, creating a tranquil ambiance.
  • Turbo Mini Filter (320 l/h) guarantees efficiency, aeration and water flow direction adjustment
  • Fix 2 Automatic Heater with Smart Heating System adjusts the heating power to surrounding conditions
  • Aquarium dimensions: 7.8 inch x 7.8 inch x 9.8 inch
  • Plants, rocks and decorations not included.
  • Made in Europe