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Aquael Multi Kani Expandable Filter

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AQUAEL MULTIKANI is the world’s first universal filter that can be adapted (expanded) to the individual needs of every aquarist and the requirements of every aquarium. Thanks to its unique design, it can “develop” along with each new aquarium.

A beginner aquarist usually starts with a relatively small aquarium. With time, he often decides to purchase a larger aquarium and later, as his enthusiasm and skills grow, an even larger one. However, with each new purchase, one has to update the entire set of aquarium devices, of which the filter is the most expensive one. With MULTIKANI filters, you no longer have to buy a new filter when upgrading your aquarium, you simply expand it! The filters can be used with any aquarium. They boast low energy consumption and high performance, relative to the recommended capacity.

Components of the standard package

The MULTIKANI filter consists of a cylindrical container fitted with a lid with shut-off valves. In a standard version, the container is already filled with filter media. The filter is supplied with an external suction pump, which enables operation even in very shallow water, e.g. in tanks where semi-terrestrial turtles are kept. The main gaskets in MULTIKANI filters are made of special silicone to guarantee maximal tightness of the device

Mode of operation

The performance of MULTIKANI filters can be smoothly regulated thanks to a continuous control dial. The filter is driven by an independent pump with the throughput of 650 l/h. The pump can be installed either inside or outside of the water tank, so filter containers can be positioned not only under the aquarium but also next to it or even above the water level.

The cleaning of MULTIKANI filters is facilitated by a shut-off valve with the by-pass function. Using the valve, one can easily cut off the flow of water into the filter containers (e.g. when adding another filter container) without having to switch off the pump.

Individual MULTI CARTRIDGE PRO containers can be combined linearly (stacked on, basically).

In this way, the capacity of filter media can be gradually expanded. The maximum number of containers that can be combined is eight. As a result, MULTIKANI filters can be successfully used in 20-liter as well as 320-liter aquariums.

MULTI CARTRIDGE PRO containers can be easily replaced using the special wrenches supplied with the filter. The easy expandability of MULTIKANI filters not only saves money but also provides continuity of biological filtration in a new aquarium, which greatly accelerates its maturation and guarantees that water in the tank will remain crystal clear.

Filter media

Out of the box, the MULTIKANI filter includes 1 Canister/Cartridge filled with carefully selected zeolite with exceptionally high sorption capacity. The zeolite layer is sandwiched between layers of sponges to achieve effective mechanical and chemical filtration of aquarium water.

AQUAEL offers a wide range of additional ready-to-use MULTI CARTRIDGE PRO containers that can be used to expand the MULTIKANI filter to 2,3 and even 8 Canisters/Cartridges. The available extension cartridges are ZeoMAX Plus and BioCeraMAX Pro 600.


Capacity: 20 to 320 Liters

Efficiency: 800 L/H

Basket Capacity: 1 Liter

Performance Adjustment (regulated flow strength)

Adjustment of the water flow direction

Complete Set (plug and enjoy)

Self-Priming Mechanism

Mechanical Media included

Bio Media included

Expandable (simply buy additional Cartridge/Canister for a fraction of the cost)

Reviews (2)

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    Aquael Multi-Kani Filter
    Posted by Stephen R Shaw on 22 Jul 2022

    So far, great results. I used three additional filter extensions, using different media in all of them. It's got the water in my 20 gallon crystal clear. Although I've only had it about a week, so far, so good. One thing to remember is that it will NOT go together without the use of the included silicone lubricant. Trust me, it wont. When securing the top portion, it is difficult to get it lined up perfectly, and requires a bit of strength to screw it on. A lot of strength actually. I was strong enough to get it screwed on tight, but most people may not be this strong, which was what I was thinking when I put it together. I like the ability to custom use different media also. At this point, I am happy with the results and I would consider buying this filter again.

  • 5
    Posted by Brayan on 7 Feb 2022

    Loved the canister perfect for my ten gallon and soon will be expanding it to a bigger tank water flow can be adjusted easily.

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