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Aquael Multi Kani ZEOMAX Plus Extension Cartridge

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AQUAEL Multi Cartridge Pro ZeoMax Plus is an extension cartridge that attaches to the AQUAEL Multikani External Filter. The cartridge is filled with zeolite for chemical cleaning of the aquarium water. Zeolite removes harmful substances (e.g. ammonia) and other unwanted compounds from the water. Zeolite has a huge inner surface and makes the water crystal clear and clean.

- Expansion cartridge for AQUAEL Multikani
- Filled with approx. 1 liter of ZeoMAX Plus
- For chemical filtration of aquarium water
- Cartridge can also be filled with other filter media

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    Aquael Multi-Kani ZeoMax Extension Cartridge
    Posted by Stephen R Shaw on 22 Jul 2022

    I purchased this filter and three extensions. What I like most is the ability to use my own choice of media in each extension. They came together fine, and once locked on, it is a solid one piece unit. Be advised they WILL NOT go together without the use of the included silicone lubriciant. Believe me. I was trying to get it on for 30 minutes until I used the silicone, then is slipped on nice and tight. As I've only owned it for a week so far, I like everything about it at this point. I installed mine on a large 20 gallon, and it has the water crystal clear, with happy fish inside. I used a Lilly pipe crystal intake with skimmer, and a spin pipe lilly pipe for the inflow, as my fish prefer calm waters with no current. Great filter so far. I like the ability to see through the cartridges while they are working, something you can't do with most outside canister filters. So far, happy with the product, and will probably purchase another Muli-Kani in the near future. The thing I like best is that I can combine my own mixture of different types of media in each entension. The plastic is thick, and tinted, so you kind of need a flashlight to see inside the canisters once they've been assembled. I would by this product again. Very happy with it so far.