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Aquael VERSAMAX Hang-On-Back Filter

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Filter construction

Overflow filters are made up of a suction pump tank or buzzer. The water sucked in from the aquarium passes through the filtering substances, and then through the outlet tube is poured back into the aquarium.

VERSAMAX consists of a filter cover, an overflow unit, a container for filter media with a sponge cartridge. It is airtight and completely safe. Installation does not pose too many problems – just hang it on the wall of the aquarium. It purifies and aerates water, and its high efficiency ensures its intensive filtration.

How does it work?

To start working, we place the filter on the wall of the aquarium, outside, and the suction tube inside the aquarium. We fill the filter container with water and connect the device to electricity. The capacity can be adjusted by a knob located on top of the overflow unit. Its wide range allows us to optimally adjust the water flow to our needs. It is also possible to adjust the angle of inclination of the filter. The pump takes water from the lower parts of the aquarium, filters it and then pours it back into the aquarium. Thanks to the practical filter baskets, changing the cartridges is very simple and does not cause any problems. The cartridges in the filter can be freely exchanged and combined.

The VERSAMAX filter contains a sponge cartridge made of a special phenol-free sponge on which bacterial cultures easily develop. It is they who remove organic impurities from the aquarium. The filter guarantees mechanical and biological filtration. When connecting cartridges, it should be remembered that individual filter media should be arranged in different layers, in both parts of the filter baskets. This will ensure optimal performance and make the water extremely clear.

Discretion of work

The overflow filter for the aquarium provides quiet operation, so you can put your tank both in the bedroom and in the children’s room.