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RoboSnail Automatic Aquarium Glass Cleaner

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Suitable for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums.

Stubborn algae growth not only prevents fish owners from enjoying their fish, it also can be extremely difficult to remove and result in a scratched aquarium surface. The RoboSnail is the original fully automated aquarium glass cleaner. It was designed by an aquarium keeper for aquarium keepers, and is ideal for home use on virtually any tank.

It prevents algae build up on aquarium glass by cleaning it once day without any need for user intervention. This constant preventative cleaning stops algae from taking hold, so it never gets beyond your control, forcing you to spend labor-intensive cleaning sessions that disrupt your aquarium's inhabitants.

No more foggy glass, no more guilt. Enjoy your aquarium without the mess and hassle of cleaning it - RoboSnail saves you time and keeps your aquatic environment clean and healthy. RoboSnail offers the ease of automatic aquarium maintenance that can be scheduled every 24 hours. It also offers the option to be manually activated by the user in between scheduled cleanings if desired. 

Reviews (3)

  • 5
    Robosnail Aquarian cleaner
    Posted by Scott on 7 Dec 2022

    Have not yet seen this in action, purchased because of all the positive reviews. Will update review after Christmas morning

  • 5
    Posted by Juanita on 15 Nov 2022

    I have Nitrite snails. This calls for NO snails. I make sure they are not on the front glass when the Robosnail runs. That said.. This Robosnail is awsome! The glass is so clean, lol, I did not realize that is was so dirty to began with! It is an investment any one with an aquarium needs. I love it.. Another user commented OMG.. and they were sooooo right.

  • 5
    Holy Crap!
    Posted by Richard Z. on 15 Apr 2022

    This thing is phenomenal. I used it for 2 weeks now and the brown algae I have issues with die to my water with high levels of silicates, is now clean! My 150 gallon is now clean as day.

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